I Kinda Like it Here specializes in modern map-inspired goods.

We believe in celebrating the unique impact that geography and places have on our memories and identity. We also believe that somewhere along the way, someone decided that travel souvenirs should be ugly and tacky. We’ve made it our mission to create beautiful modern map goods made with love and suited for the modern home.

Combining our passion of cartography, minimalist graphics, and product design, our goods are handmade in our studio in Toronto. It is very much a mom and pop shop, run by husband and wife team, Heather Lam and Scott Bodaly. 

Since 2010, I Kinda Like it Here has sent thousands of our modern map goods across the world. Having been featured on Breakfast Television, the Marilyn Denis Show, Toronto Life, TrendHunter, Chatelaine, and more, the concept was originally developed as a result of material experimentation under the National Design Collective.  What started as a very non-precise hand carved representation of the city of Winnipeg, turned into an excuse to use highly precise machinery and to play with lasers. From there, I Kinda Like it Here was born.

Handmade silver casting of the city of Winnipeg

Hand carved silver casting of the city of Winnipeg (2009)